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Name : Andreas G.
Collectibles : 130
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Entertainment Earth
Obi-Wan Kenobi - The Phantom Menace
Elite Edition Lightsaber

Released : January 2006
Edition Size : 1,250
Display Case : Included
Retail Price : $525.00

When Master Replicas initially announced they were producing an Elite Edition of Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber from Episode I, The Phantom Menace the announcement was met with much skepticism. People were worried that it would be the same saber as Master Replicas' 2002 reproduction of Obi-Wan's Attack of the Clones weapon, as in movie terms they are the same lightsaber.

MR soon put these fears to rest when they announced the feature list for the Elite Edition :
  • Polished, high-grade stainless steel, brass and aluminum construction
  • Genuine crystal in the LEDs and "purple hemisphere"
  • Brass detail parts plated in genuine 18k gold
  • Premium black and red anodized finishes
  • Accurate "female knurling" on the red control knob
  • Different dimensions and detailing than the Episode II version

There was much anticipation on ordering day (September 29th, 2005) for this Obi-Wan TPM, but the saber did not sell out as quickly as previous Elite Editions. This can be contributed largely to MR's wise decision to limit orders to 1 per Collector's Society member. Fast forward to January 19th 2006 and the Obi-Wan Elite Edition finally landed in the hands of collectors - and it does not disappoint.

The packaging for the Obi-Wan Elite is very good, as we have come to expect from Master Replicas. Included inside the standard brown MR shipping box are : the Lightsaber itself, mirrored display stand, clear acrylic dust cover, certificate of authenticity and prop back-story, Elite Edition numbered plaque (with edition size of 1250), black plastic plaque stand and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Upon opening the shipping box you are first greeted by a layer of Styrofoam holding the COA envelope, and removing that reveals a very enjoyable sight - Master Replicas has continued the tradition of delivering Elite Edition props in their famous piano-black presentation cases, and it really does make all the difference when opening these replicas. Seeing the saber for the first time is much more thrilling when it is encased a jet black foam lined Elite Edition box, a thrill that was lost with the Revenge of the Sith packaging from 2005.

At 11 inches long and weighing in at almost 2 1/2 pounds, the Obi-Wan Elite is quite substantial and certainly feels you're holding a quality item. From the polished stainless steel emitter to the black rounded pommel, the workmanship shines through in every inch of the Saber. The stainless steel finish has a very light brushed appearance, and it looks spectacular. The black anodized aluminum sections are just as impressive, with deep cuts revealing the polished finish below. One thing making a return to the Elite Edition series with this model is the inclusion of genuine crystal highlights, and they really do make a difference. The white crystal in the LEDs and the pale purple hemisphere look amazing, and give this lightsaber a unique feel. It may not be quite as wowing as the vibrant green crystal in the emitter of the first Elite Edition, the Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi released in 2004, but it gives a subtle reminder that you are looking at an Elite Edition prop.

Master Replicas has really shown a return to form with this piece, after the somewhat disappointing release of the Luke Skywalker - A New Hope Elite Edition released in 2005. Many people felt there wasn't enough about that replica to make it "Elite". That certainly isn't the case with the Obi-Wan Kenobi Elite Edition, which is a beautiful piece of engineering. It shows the elegance and beauty of the Prequel Trilogy lightsabers while still holding on to the industrial feel of the Original Trilogy.

Review by Grahame Wright - The Rebelscum Registry

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