FS Time to Clean House! Mini-Busts, Maquettes, and one Classic Bust

Jul 25, 2006
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Hello folks! I have been holding on to a few items and no longer have the room for them and other collections, so time for them to go! All items listed are used, were displayed in glass cases in a smoke-free home. All items come with all original paperwork and original boxes. Pictures can be provided upon request. In an attempt to make shipping less confusing it will be a flat rate on $15 on all Mini-Busts except where noted, $12 for classic bust, and $20 for Maquettes. I am sure discounts on shipping can be worked out for multiple items. Any other questions, please contact me here. Thanks for looking!

Mini-BustsEdition #PriceShipping
Clone Commander Bacara (Baltimore Comic-Con)982/2000$120$15
Clone Commander Bly (Forbidden Planet)505/2000$120$15
Clone Commander Cody (SDCC)1655/3500$115$15
Clone Commander Gree (Celebration IV)2392/2500$120$15
Airborne Trooper1831/3000$75$15
Clone Trooper9777/15000$30$15
Clone Trooper Special Ops 501st10306/15000$60$15
Coruscant Clone Trooper859/2500$45$15
Darth Vader (ROTS)3646/20000$60$15
General Grievous6059/7000$180$20
Jango Fett4417/9000$70$15
Senate Guard4901/10000$40$15
Classic Busts
Boba FettNot Numbered$75$12
Boba Fett B&W88/500$150$20
Barriss Offee and Luminara Unduli280/3000$150$20
Darth Vader B&W10/500$130$20
Princess Leia and R2-D23091/8500$125$20
Roron Corrob684/2500$75$20
Yoda on Kybuck2888/3500$95$20