The "Official" Vinyl Cape Jawa and DT Saber Discussion Thread

Jul 10, 2020
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Sydney, Australia
Just got my MOC Vinyl Jawa back from AFA today. Graded at an 85, with subgrades of 80c/85b/85f. Anyone have any idea of the value?
Don't mean to revive the old thread (sorry admin's).
If anyone else had any insights, I'd love to hear them.
In 2020, I would have said around the 10,000usd (ebay sales, so offline I would say around 7.5k).
In 2021, the prices have gone up significantly. In May, a 12-back A AFA 85 sold - the listed price was 17,600usd but it had best offer so I assume somewhere around that mark give or take 15% (Ebay). More recently in June ( a 12 back A afa 85 sold for 24,245.34 usd. Not sure because of the crazy price bubble that's been blowing prices up lately...
Jan 15, 2022
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Hi all

I sent a loose Toltoys VCJ to CAS but being new to graded toys didn't realise the gun had to be included or it would be refused. I have read the guides stickied at the start of this thread but am still not sure if the gun for the Toltoys VCJ is the same as other lines? This guide: mentions that "The unique Toltoys ESB vinyl cape Jawa guns were taped inside their bubbles." but I'm not sure if this means the guns were unique because they were tapped or were unique in their deisgn, shape, or colour. Looking at Imperial Gunnery there is no mention of a different blaster for Toltoys. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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Jul 30, 2000
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Hit up the boys in the Toltoys Facebook group, they'll know for certain which version of the Jawa blaster should be matched to the figure.

My interpretation of the text on that page is that the Toltoys ESB VCJ is unique due to the cape being different. The gun being taped inside the bubble is not really the unique aspect as that was common for ESB figures at the time. So it's a run-on sentence that can result in misinterpretation due to the way it is written.

There isn't a unique Toltoys Jawa blaster so don't stress about having to now track down a super rare accessory. I'm just not sure which particular mold would be the correct match.

My US one is displayed with the no bump version while my Toltoys one has the bump as that's how I received it. I obtained mine well before the detailed research on factory mold differences though.

Given the Toltoys VCJ appeared on a Kader 41 back, it means the Kader blaster mold would be correct for this figure. The VV page details that the M3 mold (no bump) appeared with the 41 backs but Toltoys figures often have unusual transition mis-matches so it's possible the Toltoys VCJ might come with the M2, M3 or a mix of both. Again, the Facebook group will be the experts in this as some of them have actually owned one of the handful of carded ESB VCJ that still exist.