FS Star Wars ANH Poster signed by 26 - Ford, Fisher, Mayhew, Baker, Prowse, Anderson, Brown, Diamond...

Jun 6, 2017
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Luxembourg / Nevada(US)
Price $5000

For sale is an ANH reprint poster signed by the following 26 cast & crew members, many of them are unfortunately deceased. The poster measures approx 90 x 64 cm (36 x 25 inch) and is in overall very condition.

Most of the signatures were obtained at various conventions around the UK over the past 15 years (Jedicon, Collectormania, Memorbilia NEC and London Expo).
Harrison Ford was added during the first SWAU send-in signing.

Carrie Fisher's signature was obtained at an exclusive signing at the Jury's Hotel, London on the 3rd August 2003.
Here is the list of the signers:

- Harrison Ford “Han Solo”
- Carrie Fisher "Princess Leia" *
- Kenny Baker "R2-D2" *
- Peter Mayhew "Chewbacca" *
- Dave Prowse "Darth Vader" *
- Bob Anderson "Darth Vader Swordsmaster" *
- Gary Kurtz "Producer" *
- Phil Brown "Phil Brown" *
- Peter Diamond "Stunt Coordinator" *
- Richard Le Parmentier "Admiral Motti" *
- Angela Staines
- Angus Mcinnes "Gold Leader"
- Anthony Daniels "C-3PO"
- Bob Spiker “Tusken Rider”
- Christine Hewett "Tonnika Twin" *
- Garrick Hagon "Biggs Darklighter"
- George Roubicek "Nahdonnis Praji"
- Kim Falkinberg
- Leslie Schofield "Chief Bast"
- Malcom Tierney "Shann Childsen" *
- Paul Blake "Greedo"
- Penny McCarthy “Jawa” *
- Rusty Goffe "Jawa"
- Sally Sinclair "Brindy Truchong"
- Shane Rimmer "Rebel Tech" *
- Syd Wragg “Stormtrooper”
* deceased
Payment via Paypal F&F or add 5%.
Poster will be shipped from Europe
Shipping to Europe or USA: 2-Day Express (TNT / FedEx): USD 39. For other countries please ask to get a quoteIMG_3799 (2).jpegIMG_3805 (1).jpegIMG_3804 (1).jpegIMG_3803 (1).jpegIMG_3802 (1).jpegIMG_3801 (1).jpegIMG_3800 (1).jpegIMG_3806 (1).jpeg