QUESTION Site acting up?

More traffic? Because of Asoka & the throne room about to hit (Along with every pre order both SW & nonSW hitting at the same time)

Might need a server reboot?
Might not be the site, but I clicked on one of the links & it’s asked me log in info for outlook. (I previously disabled the setting when sokoku was acting suspicious & only use email through the app)
What's weird is that when it's laggy, it takes awhile before the little security/lockpad icon appears.

Then the site starts to open like normal.
So far the site is loading and responding normally... which somehow feels surprisingly fast after the struggles with loading over the past few weeks. I hope this means that the problem was found and fixed?
Super rough start so far.
Initial loading took over 15 seconds to connect.
Seeing Notifications from the bell icon took about 6 seconds to load.
Right clicking pages into new tabs takes about 3 seconds to load.
Reactions takes a few seconds to process.
New Posts - The first three pages loaded smoothly, but there was about an 8 second lag loading the 4th page.
Adding a pic to a post took about 5 seconds to process. But making the post had like a second delay.
Site still loading/running painfully slow. Doesn't matter which device I'm using or which browser. Currently taking 10-15 seconds for pages to load. Bad time for these problems w/ Ahsoka airing and the HasLab Ghost campaign wrapping up. Hope it can be resolved soon!
Can't speak for anyone else, but it's working much quicker for me now.

EDIT: I spoke too soon, an hour and a half later and it's slowed a bit
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