R2-D2 is the droid I am looking for!

Jan 29, 2021
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Greetings collectors,

TLDR: Send me pictures of your Episode 1 3.75'' R2-D2s. loose, carded, battle droid or commtech, doesn't matter (but back and front pls). also add if I am allowed to use the picture for my project.

Over the last few months, I was organizing my star wars collection and doing that, I've found several dozen sources. Some quite extensive as the rebelscum photo archive or jedibusiness.com, others focusing on particular things like PotF2 variants, lili ledy or prototypes. often I needed several websites to clearly identifying my figure. jedibuisiness for the series, rebelscum for the packaging, a lot of luck for a variant etc.

But now I am attempting to create a system to properly catalogue star wars figures from all kind of series including packaging, major and minor variants or even autographed ones(basically a one kind variant, isnt it?^^). one that has several layers on which a collector can choose from how deep he wants to go. all versions of a single character. all releases of a certain series. all packaging variants. etc. and everything backed by sources.

I've already created a pre-alpha system and now I try to test it. I've chosen R2-D2 from the "Episode 1" series as my first subject 'cause i thought there won't be that many variants as in vintage figures or even PotF2 figures but I should be able to find a lot of samples online. well... I did. So far I've identified at least 15 (!) different packagings and 13 possible packagings (combination of stickers) and a few variants.

So pls send me pictures of your episode 1 R2-D2s. loose or in packaging does not matter, but try to take a photo of his feet to find out if it's the unpainted 1st release. I also look for non-US packaging or the 2-pack "with bonus battle droid". I am not sure in what direction this project will lead, but if I finish it or release at least a part of it online, i'd be happy if you allow me to use the pictures you send me. I won't use anything without permission.

Thank you in advance nd now let's hope someone is looking at this thread from time to time :D