FS PGM Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot) Deluxe Mini Bust

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Nov 30, 2005
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Clermont, FL USA
I've recently discovered that I had multiples of the following items while unpacking and displaying my collection, so I'm listing these pieces for sale here. Most are brand new and factory sealed while two have been opened. Pricing DOES NOT include postage and I'm happy to ship worldwide. Local pick up is also an option for anyone here in Florida. Payment will be through PayPal as Friends & Family or buyer can add 5% to the total cost if sent the standard way. Items sold as is.

Prices are based on current market value and are not cheap as this isn't yard sale junk. All items will be professionally packed to arrive in the same condition they ship in.

Imperial AT-AT Walker Collectible Bookends #307/800 (FACTORY SEALED) - $400.00 - SOLD
View media item 397172
2013 Premier Guild Exclusive Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder Pilot) Deluxe Mini Bust #361/480 & #365/480 (FACTORY SEALED) - $350.00 each (2 available)
View media item 397171
Grand Admiral Thrawn Mini Bust #922/1,350 (FACTORY SEALED) - $400.00 - SOLD
View media item 397169
2014 Premier Guild Exclusive Queen Amidala (Red Senate Gown) Mini Bust #582/680 (FACTORY SEALED) - $400.00 - SOLD
View media item 397170
Zam Wesell Mini Bust #402/2,500 (OPENED, COMES WITH ORIGINAL BOX, PACKAGING & COA) - $30.00 - SOLD
(Please note: the little rods that attach to her binoculars on her head came apart, as is the case with most of these. They did not actually break and have been glued back in place. It's very possible that when packed inside the styrofoam shell, they could come loose again and may need to be glued back in place upon arrival. The price is reflected for this issue.)
View media item 397168
View media item 397163
View media item 397166
View media item 397165
View media item 397164
View media item 397167
2004 The Art of Star Wars Exhibition Exclusive C-3PO Mini Bust #126/2,500 (OPENED, COMES WITH ORIGINAL BOX, PACKAGING & COA) - $140.00
(Bust is in perfect condition) - SOLD
View media item 397173
View media item 397174
View media item 397175
View media item 397176
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