SOLD OT: SOLD Horror Night of the Living Dead 41 Photos with 61 Autographs Lot Rare signers

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Jul 19, 2006
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Updated 4/7/20/ As expected, these didn't last long. SOLD.

I'm selling 41 8x10 Night of the Living Dead photos with 61 autographs on them. No inscriptions to someone (Just the autographs, sometimes a line from the movie, a character name, etc.). There are no repeated photo images in the 41 photos. Again 61 autographs in total . Sorry but I won't be selling these individually under any circumstance - Only selling as a lot.

There are rare images including color photos, a original foreign lobby card, Rare multi signed that will be impossible to get in the future sadly due to the signers who passed away, and rare signers like Jack Givens (who never did a convention or public signing), Ivy Booth (the nurse), Josephine Streiner, etc.. . And there are ones from George Romero, Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman......The signers appear in the photos.

Not selling them individually but the entire lot for $1379.00 That's only about $22 for each autograph. I would waive the $20 shipping for Scummers in the U.S. so it would be $1379 total.

I don't expect these to last long at this price.

You can see all the photos at my youtube link and the itemized list of photos and the signers are in the youtube video description. Scummers in the U.S. receive free shipping and These would ship in the acid free Itoya archival folder that you see in the video (well packed in a Priority mail box fully insured with signature delivery). Any creasing you see on the pages is not on the photos as they are like new - That is simply reflections.

To see all the sign photos here is the video (no audio).

There is a easy to read breakdown of each photo in the video description at the youtube link.
I've listed it below as well.

1) Camera at Bridge Photo. Signed by Gary Streiner
2) Posse with hooks into Ben's body. Signed by Gary Streiner
3) Washington DC Photo with Russ Streiner on Camera. Signed by Gary Streiner
4) Newsroom photo of Charles Craig (Signed "The unburied dead are coming back to life! Charles Craig") - Deceased -
5) Washington DC Photo of press at Limo. SIGNED BY 3. Signed by "Jack Givens" (Ultra rare signer) Signed by "Gary Streiner" Signed by "Russ Streiner"
6) Smiling NOTLD publicity shot of Judy Ridley Signed "Judy Ridley" who also added her character name "Judy"
7) Doorway NOTLD shot of Judy Ridley Signed "Judy Ridley" who also added her character name "Judy"
8) Close up with scissors of Judy Ridley Signed "Judy Ridley" who also added her character name "Judy"
9) Panic shot of hands out in front of Judy Ridley Signed "Judy Ridley" who also added her character name "Judy"
10) Truck shot of Judy Ridley Signed "Judy Ridley" who also added her character name "Judy"
11) Publicity shot of Judith O'Dea in bushes Signed "Judith O'Dea
12) Ghoul shot of Josephine Streiner (Signed "Josephine Streiner") - Deceased -
13) Ghoul shot of Rudy Ricci eating hand (Signed "Rudy Ricci") - Deceased -
14) Tony Pantanella Rigging charge on back of ghoul (Signed "Tony Pantanella") - Deceased -
15) Shot of the Sheriff (signed "There's another one for the fire! George Kosana The Sheriff") - Deceased -
16) Ghouls near fire ND-1 photo SIGNED BY 4 including RARE JACK GIVENS Signed "Jack Givens" (Signed "Charles Craig" - Deceased - ) (Signed "Lee Hartman" - Deceased - ) Signed "William Mogush
17) Zombie close up Signed "Terry Gindele"
18) Posse in house photo signed by 2 "Gary Streiner" (Also Signed "Tony Pantanella" - Deceased - )
19) Ben assisting Barbra at the couch Signed "What's Happening! Judith O'Dea"
20) Cemetery zombie attacking Johnny Signed "Best Wishes Russ Streiner" who also added his character name "Johnny"
21) Photo of Bill Hinzman with the trowel prop (Signed "Bill Hinzman #1 zombie" - Deceased - )
22) Ghoul eating bug off tree Signed "Marilyn Eastman AKA Helen Cooper The Bug Lady"
23) Ghoul turned shot of Helen Cooper Signed "Marilyn Eastman aka Helen Cooper!"
24) Art photo shot of Karen Cooper Signed "Kyra"
25) La Nuit Des Mortes Vivants (original foreign lobby card. Not a reproduction) of ghouls in field. SIGNED BY 2 Signed "Bill Mogush" Signed "Ella Mae Smith"
26) Zombies on ground eating flesh SIGNED BY 3 Signed "Herbert Summer" (Signed "Bill Hinzman" - Deceased - ) (Signed "Charles Craig" - Deceased - )
27) Romero filming Barbra on the road SIGNED BY 3 IN PHOTO (Signed "Stay Scared George Romero" - Deceased -), Signed "Judith O'Dea Barbra" Signed "Gary Streiner".
28) News interview posed photo SIGNED BY ALL 4 IN PHOTO (SIGNED "Stay Scared George Romero" - Deceased - ), Signed "John Russo", Signed "Judith O'Dea", Signed "Dave James"
29) Shot of Harry Cooper looking down at a seated Helen Cooper. Signed "The Coopers. Marilyn Eastman"
30) Shot of Helen Cooper by boarded up door. Signed "Bloodfully Yours....Marilyn Eastman AKA Helen Cooper"
31) Shot of 4 being interviewed (SIGNED BY ALL 4). (Signed "George A Romero" - Deceased - ) (Signed "Karl Hardman" - Deceased - ) Signed "John Russo" Signed "Russ Streiner"
32) Romero next to news helicopter. Signed "Capt. Bob Harvey"
33) Bob Harvey with news helicopter from film on location. Signed "Capt. Bob Harvey"
34) Photo filming ghoul Dave James. Signed "Dave James"
35) Barbra looking at music box. Signed "Best Wishes Joe Unitas" who has said he suggested the shot to George Romero as his lighting supervisor on the film.
36) Newsroom of Lee Hartman. (Signed "Lee Hartman" - Deceased -)
37) Photo of ghouls in house including Ella Mae Smith. Signed "Ella Mae Smith"
38) Rare COLOR photo of posse. Signed by two of the posse seen in photo. (Signed "Charles Craig" - Deceased - ) Signed "Ivy Booth" (She was the nurse)
39) Color photo of Judy. Signed "Judy Ridley" who also added her character name of "Judy"
40) Rare color photo of posse with Dave James as a ghoul / zombie. SIGNED BY 3. Signed "Dave James" Signed "**** Heckard" Signed "Gary Streiner" Sorry about Heckard's first name not appearing as it was censored by Rebelscum. Starts with a D and ends with a K (another name for Richard).
41) Rare color photo of Marilyn Eastman putting make up on ghoul Ella Mae Smith. Signed "Ella Mae Smith". Back of the photo has the green Limited Edition Signature photo set sticker Autopsy Of The Dead. #1 of 20.

Sample of some of them below. Not sure why the Rebelscum photo loader is putting them in upside down, sideways, and blurry. To see all sign photos clearly with HD quality please visit my youtube link for the photo album at


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