SOLD OT Rare Night of the Living Dead Scrapbook binder signed photos Only 24 made.

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Jul 19, 2006
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This won't last long. SOLD

Only 24 ever made by two of the stars of the film with rare photos - some signed. First time offered (regular price will be $2,600). Now $1350 plus $35 shipping Priority insured with tracking and signature delivery. To see this item in detail please visit my youtube link which shows all aspects of this scrapbook including the signed photos.

Youtube link above shows everything in the scrapbook.
The most rare and unique Night of the Living Dead collectible that has ever been produced to date. You do not want to miss out on owning this scrapbook as it rarely comes up for sale (limited to only 24 and most owners will never sell their copy).

This is a custom made Night of the Living Dead scrapbook made by the film's stars Karl Hardman (who also was a producer) and Marilyn Eastman. This scrapbook is 43 double pages (So if you count the front and back of each page = 86 pages total) that is filled with copies from their personal Night of the Living Dead archive. Much of which is seen in the scrapbook (binder) for the first time. I will also include a copy of the original Night of the Living Dead music cue sheet with some creasing that none of the other scrapbooks will have (you can see this in the first photo on the left side - its in the binder pocket just inside the front cover).

They produced this scrapbook (binder) for the 1993 Zombie Jamboree and advertised that they only made 24 copies. It instantly sold out at the zombie jamboree and became a piece of Night of the Living Dead lore that you would hear about but never see. As those who bought it, kept copies in their collection permanently so they rarely come up for sale. Signed on the top right cover page by Karl Hardman and Marilyn Eastman.

This one is #5 out of 24 (you can find the number on the back of the front cover page in the lower left hand corner where Karl Hardman and Marilyn Eastman wrote "5")

View media item 399041

It features and is packed with copies of original correspondence, copies of script pages, hand written notes on some pages, reviews, copies of photo contact sheets, copies of vintage reviews that Karl and Marilyn saved, rare 8x10 photos that were reproduced by Karl Hardman from his archive (some of these photos, in 35 years of collecting, I have never seen or come across anywhere else some of these photos other than in this scrapbook and I have owned Night of Anubis and Night of the Flesh Eaters photos), along with much more. There is even a copy of a letter from the Walter Reade Organization to Hardman Associates as well as a rare copy of the Western Union telegram congratulating the cast and crew on the world premiere of the film from Walter Reade Jr (from the distribution company) that was sent to Russ Streiner (who Walter Reade called "Russell Streinker The Latent Image" in the telegram.

This would be the centerpiece of any collection for horror fans, George Romero fans, or Night of the Living Dead fans. As I said, there are only 24 copies (I'm including a extra item in this which is very rare - a copy of the original Night of the Living Dead music cue sheet with some creasing that none of the other scrapbooks will have). Along with a laminated news article on the Zombie jamboree which has folds and wear (see photos). The rest of the scrapbook is like new.

The 8x10 photos that Karl Hardman and Marilyn Eastman put into this scrapbook are photos they reproduced from their personal archive - many of which are extremely rare photos / images:

Any creasing you see on the photos are not creases but reflections from camera flash of the top load pages that the photos are located in within the scrapbook. Photos and the pages are like new.

Photos included are:

1) Cast and crew photo in the basement showing George Romero, Marilyn Eastman, Kyra Schon, Judy Ridley, and Karl Hardman.

2) ULTRA RARE shot of Karl Hardman grabbing Marilyn Eastman by the wrist from the infamous cut scene in the basement. Signed "For Jeff Karl Hardman" and "Thanks Jeff Marilyn Eastman"

3) Duane Jones moving through a doorway with Judith O'Dea at his side.

4) Marilyn Eastman tending to Karen (Kyra Schon) who is laying down. The Flesh Eaters camera slate is seen in the photo.

Photo is also signed "To Jeff Kyra"

5) Karl Hardman sitting in a chair reading his script.

6) A Ghoul sitting at the makeup table

7) Karl Hardman, Marilyn Eastman, and Tom (Keith Wayne) coming out of the basement.

8) Judith O'Dea sitting on the couch with Judy Ridley and Duane Jones nearby.

9) Incredible Behind the Scenes of Karl Hardman arguing with Marilyn Eastman in the living room.

George Romero is seen behind the camera filming.

10) George Kosana (The Sheriff) and George Romero on location

10) Overhead shot of Bill Hinzman laying over Russ Streiner who is dead and laying on a tombstone.

Signed "To Jeff Johnny Gone to Sleep. Russ Streiner"

11) Behind the Scenes shot of the Washington DC scene. Russ Streiner behind camera. George Romero and the limo in shot.

12) Rare shot of George Kosana holding the ghoul dummy up for Duane Jones to hit with the tire iron.

13) ULTRA RARE shot of Marilyn Eastman taking pictures of two ghouls sitting on the farm house porch. AMAZING.

14) Behind the scenes shot of Marilyn Eastman in costume as Helen making a funny face.

15) Rare and very young publicity photo of George Romero in a t-shirt with his sleeves rolled up holding a camera and looking directly at you.


So you get the original scrapbook, the rare Night of the Living Dead music Cue Sheet (not available in any other scrapbook!), and the laminated news article on the Zombie jamboree.

To see everything in the scrapbook please watch my youtube video that I took of the scrapbook:

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