FS OT: Original Exorcist cast signed by all 3 and Exorcist 3 signed poster/photos - Lots of Exorcist autographs

Jul 19, 2006
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Exorcist Cast photo SOLD - Thanks for the interest.
Other items including Exorcist 3 Cast signed Poster still available.

Lots of different Exorcist items signed for sale from photos to a lobby card to a Exorcist 3 signed movie poster by Jason Miller (Deceased), Scott Wilson (Deceased), and Brad Dourif) Extremely rare to have those 3 on this poster and sadly you couldn't do this signing again today since two out of 3 have since died.- This is #2 below

6 different original Exorcist and Exorcist 3 signed items (photos, poster, lobby card, laser disc) signed by Jason Miller and others (Jason Miller is rare as he did not appear at conventions for signings) - Added Limited time sale prices to all below:

1) ***SOLD***** 8x10 color photo from The Exorcist. Cast signed by three which would be a centerpiece in any horror collection - Two are sadly deceased which makes this an impossible photo to complete now and into the future.

Only main cast signed x3 original Exorcist item that I have. Don't miss out!

a) "To Jeff Sweet Dreams Linda Blair"

b) "Max Von Sydow" (deceased)

c) "Jason Miller" (deceased)

If you are a fan of The Exorcist then this is the photo to own of the famous Exorcism scene. Iconic image signed by all 3 stars

$650 including shipping in the U.S. by Priority with tracking and signature delivery.

2) Exorcist 3 movie poster signed by 3
You will never find another one of these posters signed by Jason Miller, Scott Wilson and Brad Dourif (sadly two of the signers. Miller and Wilson, are deceased now) at this price.

Would be a once in a lifetime centerpiece of any horror collection.

In this auction: Exorcist 3 movie poster cast signed x3 (sadly 2 of the cast signers are now deceased which makes getting a poster like this signed today impossible).

An authentic signature of actor Jason Miller on a original Exorcist 3 one sheet (27 x 41) - that is rare.
I had it signed when I met Jason Miller . One Photo you see is myself with Jason Miller.

I also had it signed, after the Jason Miller signing, by Scott Wilson (deceased) and Brad Dourif who also starred in Exorcist 3.

If you don't want the inscription, there are restoration companies that will remove inscriptions from most posters such as Studio C. You can google them to find out more.

One Original Movie poster one sheet (27x41) for William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist 3 (NOT A REPRODUCTION. This one was used in a theater). With original theatrical wear with some creasing and edge wear.

If you are a fan of The Exorcist 3 then this is the poster to own. Only one I have.

Signed by 3 of the cast from Exorcist 3.

a) Jason Miller - "Jeff All the Best God Bless! Jason Miller" Rare religious inscription. Sadly he is deceased.

b) Scott Wilson - "To my friend Jeff Scott Wilson" In addition to starring in this film, Scott Wilson also played Hershel on The Walking Dead. Sadly he is deceased.

c) Brad Dourif - "To Jeff Best Brad Dourif"

$1700 shipping included in the U.S. only with tracking, insurance, priority, and signature delivery in a thick poster tube.

3) Exorcist 3 photo of Jason Miller signed by Jason Miller with rare inscription (NOT SIGNED TO ANYONE).
Add that special collectible to your Exorcist collection that you will never come across again - The Exorcist 3 photo SIGNED BY JASON MILLER (who is sadly now deceased) with a one of a kind inscription - one of the best ever!

For authenticity, please see the photo of myself with Jason Miller

Rare haunting inscription that is one of the best ever - "This is not me, maybe? Jason Miller." One of kind inscription on the key image from the film Signed photo of Jason Miller as Patient X in the straight jacket from Exorcist 3. The film was directed and written by William Peter Blatty

Measures roughly 8x10.

FREE BONUS with the "This is not me maybe Jason Miller" signed photo AT NO COST! One Original Scream Factory aka Shout Factory Exorcist III 3 MOVIE POSTER - ONE LIMITED EDITION NOT SIGNED poster that they SOLD OUT OF. These posters, if you are lucky enough to find one, sell for $90+ on eBay alone. 18x24 folded poster. Great looking poster. Slight edge wear from original handling by Scream Factory. I did notice a spot on the fold line on the back of the poster (see photo). It's hard to tell if it goes onto the front of the poster due to the coloring of the poster (it would be around the neck/upper chest area of the decapitated statue on the poster - I've attempted to take a photo of this area but it's hard to tell if the coloring you see is on the front of the poster is from the spot on the back or just the poster colors. In other words, you wouldn't notice it when looking at the poster. The poster came from Scream Factory this way. Poster is not signed.

$450 SHIPPED IN THE U.S. Priority with insurance and tracking and signature delivery.


4) Exorcist 3 laser disc album signed on the cover by Jason Miller.

In order to play this you must own a Laserdisc player. NOT A BLU-RAY. NOT A DVD. A laserdisc is roughly the size of a record album.

Whether you are a fan of the original Exorcist film starring Linda Blair and Jason Miller or a fan of Exorcist 3 - EXTREMELY RARE SIGNED The Exorcist 3 Laserdisc AUTOGRAPHED BY JASON MILLER (who is sadly now deceased) on the cover with a one of a kind rare inscription that includes his character name "Patient X" - which is rare for him to sign as the character from the film.

This is from a in person signing - He signed this laserdisc in front of me.

Signed on the cover "Jeff Forget me not Patient X Jason Miller" The film was directed and written by William Peter Blatty

Jason Miller is very rare when he signs his character name of Patient X on Exorcist 3 items. In fact, I have personally never seen it before. VERY RARE.

Measures roughly a little over 12 x 12. In a protective laserdisc sleeve. Slight creasing on the cover from the signing (to the left of the letter F in Forget and lower right corner - see photos) as the laserdisc was removed from the dust jacket cover for the signing. There is also a sticker in the top left corner that says "6046".

You will see a white mark on the upper left front cover of the main laser disc album photo (that white mark IS NOT ON THE LASER DISC COVER but ON THE CLEAR PLASTIC PROTECTIVE COVERING - in third auction photo I circled it in blue. Again the white vertical mark is NOT on the laser disc album cover . The white mark is only on the outer clear protective dust jacket covering that slides on and off the laser disc album).

PLEASE NOTE: The laserdisc itself saw light use and has only slight wear visible on the disc (double sided) which is in the original white envelope that holds it inside this signed cover. I last played the laser disc probably 10 years ago without any problems and it looked great (however there is no guarantee on playback quality since I have no way of testing it today. So it is being sold as a signed collectible only since I have no way of testing the laser disc today).

$490 shipping included in the U.S via priority insured with tracking and signature delivery.


5) Original Exorcist theater lobby card signed by Jason Miller
Signed Vintage Lobby Card from The Exorcist (Not a reproduction lobby card but ORIGINAL) SIGNED BY JASON MILLER (who is sadly now deceased) with RARE Religious Inscription.

This is rare in that it is signed "Jeff Keep the Faith Jason Miller" - the lobby card measures roughly 11 x 14 and features a key scene from the film The Exorcist directed by William Friedkin and written by William Peter Blatty and starred Linda Blair. Rare religious inscription by Jason Miller.

If you don't want the inscription of "Jeff" , there are restoration companies that will remove inscriptions from most posters such as Studio C. You can google them to find out more.

Lobby card shows typical wear from it's original use in a movie theater including two staple holes or pin holes (You have two on the left side of the lobby card and two on the right side - I have circled these in green on a photo that you see in this auction. These are very hard to see in person).

Also There is a small quarter inch indentation on the left white border edge near the top that is torn (about a quater of an inch. I took a photo where I am pushing down on the indentation so you can see the tear. Usually the tear would be nearly impossible to see unless you used your finger to push it down. - see photos.

Lobby Card Measures about 11 x 14"

$475 shipped in the U.S. via priority with insurance, tracking and signature delivery.

6) The Exorcist 3 photo SIGNED BY JASON MILLER (who is sadly now deceased) with rare humor inscription. Measures roughly 8 x 10 "

This is rare in that it is signed with humor (which you never see on his signed photos) "To Jeff Ouch! Jason Miller" and is from the crucifixion scene in the movie. The film was directed and written by William Peter Blatty
$450 shipped in the U.S by Priority insured with tracking and signature delivery.

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Exorcist Cast signed photo SOLD.
Other items including Exorcist 3 cast signed poster STILL AVAILABLE.
Updated Pricing in the original post.
Original Exorcist 3 movie poster signed by the cast - STILL AVAILABLE