FS OT John Carpenter + Janet Leigh Cast signed The Fog movie poster 27x41

Jul 19, 2006
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Add that one item to your John Carpenter collection that you will never find again at this price - A Janet Leigh signed The Fog original theater movie poster 27 x 41" (also signed by other cast members including director John Carpenter.) Would instantly become the centerpiece for any John Carpenter collection!

If you don't want the inscriptions, there are restoration companies that will remove most inscriptions from movie posters such as Studio C. You can google them to find out more.

This is NOT a reproduction movie poster but a real one sheet movie poster that was used in a theater in the lobby to promote the film.
I later obtained all the signatures from the celebrities in person. Sadly Janet Leigh is now deceased. The poster is only missing a signature from Jamie Lee Curtis and then you would have the entire main cast of the film!

Signed by
- John Carpenter - "John Carpenter"
- Adrienne Barbeau - "Jeff, Look for the Fog Adrienne Barbeau."
- Janet Leigh (deceased) - "To Jeff Janet Leigh". She signed it at a rare appearance at the Hollywood Collector show.
- Tom Atkins - "Jeff, My very best Tom Atkins"
- Nancy Loomis - "Jeff All Best Nancy Loomis"
- Charles Cyphers - "Best Wishes Charles Cyphers" He signed it above the Janet Leigh Autograph.

Original theater one sheet movie poster (measures 27 x 41) for John Carpenter's The Fog. I originally purchased this unsigned from a theater manager years ago. All wear is from original movie theater use. It has typical wear from theater use including creasing and some wear at center lines resulting in slight separation (tiny hole) in the center fold line as seen in the photo (you can see white space behind the poster in the small center area. Very minor. Not very noticeable and if you framed it, you would never know it. You may have noticed it if I had not mentioned it so it's minor). Crease on the top right corner of the poster (just to the upper right of the word "see" on the poster).

There is roughly a 1 1/2 inch tear on the right side of the poster starting in the white border edge. The tear does not stand up as you see in the photo (I'm holding it up for the photo so you can see it as the poster lays flat. Again, if you framed the poster, you likely wouldn't notice the tear on the poster edge) - See photo. All wear on the poster is from it's original use in a movie theater. The horizontal and vertical fold lines are normal for 27x41 folded posters that were sent to movie theaters by the movie studios as that it how they folded them.

On Sale Save $.,...... $970 plus $25 shipping priority insured with tracking and signature delivery in the U.S.


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