Apr 4, 2002
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How does the community feel about opening baggie figures? Is it as bad as opening a carded figure?
I wouldn’t open them. Some collectors love sealed baggie figures (myself included) and will pay a premium for them. Sell or trade them and get the mint figures you want.
I wasn't really looking at me considering i don't have any. Just was curious.
Is it OK to have sealed baggies, cut cards and MOC and consider them part of your complete, loose collection? :D
I'm gonna be honest here - it's your money, do what you want with it. Want to open it? Do it. I personally wouldn't, as there are plenty of loose figures in circulation, that can be had for cheaper than the sealed for sure, but if that's what you want to do for your collection, have at it.

Also...I have no problem with figures that are on absolutely destroyed cards being open too. I saw a "carded" B-Wing pilot that half the card was torn and tattered and water damaged. It was selling for $5 more than the loose that point, just free the damned thing.
The only bagged Star Wars item I ever opened was a bagged set of Jabba's throne parts. It was dirt cheap and I bought it with the itent to complete my Jabba. I have zero regrets about opening it.

I have opened some bagged mailaway GI*JOE figures. I also opened a still sealed boxed Transformers figure from 1987 that was exclusive to Japan.
I have one bagged figure and I am leaving it sealed. C-3PO with net and removable limbs. Keep it sealed. I don't think it is as bad as opening up a carded fig, depending on condition of the card (to answer your question).
I wouldn’t recommend it. Although eventually it won’t matter as the bag will crumble into dust in a few decades, depending on storage conditions.