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Mar 8, 2012
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Sorry long post - cool stuff so probably worth the read.

I have decided I just still have too much and need to get rid of a lot so I several more pieces for sale. Shipping has gone well on other pieces sold, but if buying multiple pieces or bigger pieces I have shipped multiple builds on pallets and used craters&freighter’s in the past with really good success. I think prices are fair and well below what I paid. I would like to sell bundles to save time on packing/shipping process so if you are interested in more than one please let me know and we should be able to work out a deal. Also, Red 1 is back up for sale.

Original Post: I have multiple pieces for sale. Making room for other things so not a huge rush, but I think prices are set to sell and well under what I paid. Buyer covers shipping and any PayPal fees or other fees. Most builds don’t have any issues, but a couple have some imperfections that occurred during shipping and I attempted to describe those. I have packed and shipped a lot of models and I will pack these very well but once it leaves my hands I have no control over any damages or lost items. As you know there’s are very fragile and doesn’t take much for pieces to pop off. Everything will be insured and I will send pictures of packed item. I will consider international shipping, but most of the time there is limits on insurance and will be a buyer’s risk. Please ask any questions, I am happy to take more pictures if desired.

Studio scale X-Wing Red leader: captain cardboard kit red leader built by Rob Rossi. Comes with base, cord and lights function. No damage I can identify. $800 - SOLD

MYC Chopper: $450 - leg and arm broke off during shipping to me - glued on hard to find issue.

Gold leader: $1050 - John Simmons build - cockpit and engines come off for easy shipping. Does have crack down left side of cockpit. - SOLD

Randy Cooper hot-rod/concept-like blockade runner: $800 - build by Rob Rossi - really cool build has lights.

Tantive IV escape pod: $600 - built by Tim Blanchard - Nice-n kit - has some collapse at point of stand but the way it is currently displayed you can’t see it.

Tantive IV: $1400 - built by Tim Blanchard - korbanth kit - huge piece around 42 inches.

Return of the Jedi Blue Blockade Runner: $1300 - built by Ray Lawson

Concept Boba Fett Helmet: $100 - don’t remember who built it - can’t wear it.

Sideshow Concept Boba Fett: $550 - no issues

B-wing helmet: $75 - no issues can’t wear - if you buy the b-wing I will throw it in - SOLD

Luke’s home diorama: $200 - neat piece built by Chris Grier (spelling?)

Master Replica Mini-Helmet Boba Fett: $100 - not life size. No issues I don’t believe I have the box.

Celebrity Authorities Autographed (kotobukyia) Boba Fett: $600 - have COA as well.

RegalRobot Boba Fett Symbol: $250 - no issues.

Nice-n Slave I: $3000 - built by John Simmons - SOLD

Hasbro Razor Crest: $350 - I believe has all unlocks and I have the box.

Yt-2400 Outrider: $1050 - built by John Simmons - has small paint chip on front but looks like weathering.

Xs stock freighter: $1000 - built by John Simmons

Modified Falcon: $1000 - unknown builder - thought was a cool piece.

Falcon Dejarik Pieces: $250 for both - not RegalRobot - I forget the company that did them originally I do have the original boxes though. - SOLD

Red 5 (built to replicate red 5 in current state in archives so wings show red 4): $1300 - built by John Simmons a couple of years ago - laser cannons popped off during shipping and glued back on

Red 6: $1500 - built by Marc Elkins and Dan Grumeretz - it is a Mike Salzo kit not sure which version.

Red 12: $1300 - built by Andy Lee using his pyro kit.

Red 2: $1500 - built by Mike Salzo V5 kit - SOLD

Concept X-wing: $800 - unknown builder but has no issues.

Arc-170 1/48: $250 - built by John Simmons

Z-95 1/48 Zarkus kit: $350 - built by John Simmons.

ESB AT-ST: $1400 - built by John Simmons beautiful piece - it is fragile - but no issues with it. - SOLD

Concept snowspeeder: $1000 - build by John Sabean (spelling?) - no issues.

Jazzinc Dioramas Grey Snowspeeders: $1100 - no issues - have original boxes. - SOLD

F&M b-wing: $1300 - built by Chris Kelley - no issues.

Jazzinc Diorama Falcon Cockpit DX:$850 - no issues. - SOLD

Kanan and Ezra lightsabers from Rebels: $250 each - Ezra is from korbanth and Kanan from ultimate sabers - I think. No issues with either - not sure which versions they are.

Shuttle Tydirium: I believe an MPC model. Also, built by Rob Rossi. Lights all work. Comes with base. Missing piece of gun attachment in the back. $300 - SOLD

A-wings: RoTJ a-wing built by Chris Kelley and concept by Richard Long on RoTJ Death Star base. Can be adjusted for different display angles. No lights. No issues with either build. Really incredible build and haven’t seen anything like it. $1300 - SOLD

MYC Snowspeeder: All pieces included. No issues with model. Base has a line across it - doesn’t seem to be a scratch but is noticeable may be able to puff out - included in pictures. $750 - SOLD

Studio Scale Snowspeeder: Built by Lee Ralph. No lights and no issues with model that I notice. Comes with base. Beautiful piece. $1500 - SOLD

Deago Falcon TFA: Built by Rob Rossi. Lights all work. Comes with plaque and base. Incredible piece. $2950

TLJ Poe X-wing: Built by John Simmons. Wings popped off during shipping, but were reattached without major issues. I took close up pictures for your review. No lights comes with base. $800

Studio Scale Red Jammer Y-wing: Built by Mike Salzo. Kit was RedJammer kit that was built after direct access to the Red Jammer - very rare kit. Has area of damage with shipping included in pictures it is right next to the t-strut attachment - it really looks like weathering and is hard to make out unless you know it is there. Build does have lights and comes with base. $1200 - SOLD

Concept Snowspeeder: Built by Richard Long. I think it would be 1/48. Has drooping cannon which you can see in the pictures. No lights. Comes with base and acrylic cover which has some minor scratches. $150

Outrider: JPG kit. I believe 1/144. Built by John Simmons. No lights and no base. $150

XS Stock Light Freighter: Built by Chris Kelley. No lights or base. Rare piece. No damage I could find. $500

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I'm guessing that snowspeeder is long gone by now. Surprisingly low price - less than retail which was $1000 IIRC.
Updated items and prices.

Please let me know if any questions.