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Feb 10, 2006
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Just trying to move more GG stuff.

Prices for the items below include shipping in the domestic US. Payment by PayPal is preferred. Please PM me if you're interested. Reasonable offers may be considered. All items have been displayed in a smoke-free home, away from direct sunlight, and will ship in their original boxes with COA (where applicable).

Mini busts:
all sold

GG 1/6 scale statue:
Kneeling Darth Vader (helmet damaged/glued) $175 shipped
View media item 389027
View media item 389026
View media item 389025
View media item 389078

Cad Bane vinyl bank bust $40 shipped
Obi-Wan in clone armor $85 shipped SOLD
Qui-Gon Jinn $55 shipped SOLD
TCW Commander Bly AFX Exclusive $80 shipped SOLD
Darth Maul (shirtless Clone Wars) Diamond Select vinyl bank bust $65 shipped SOLD
PGM Luke Skywalker Endor deluxe $85 shipped SOLD
TCW Commander Fox $75 shipped SOLD
Holiday Special Boba Fett (PGM) $170 shipped SOLD
C-3PO (gold) mini bust $60 shipped SOLD
Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi mini bust (ANH) $55 shipped SOLD
Figrin Dan mini bust $70 shipped SOLD
Tedn Dahai mini bust $70 shipped SOLD
Count Dooku mini bust $55 shipped SOLD
OT stormtrooper deluxe mini bust $50 shipped SOLD
Sandtrooper and Dewback statue - damaged hand $300 shipped SOLD
Republic Commandos set (Boss, Fixer, Sev, Scorch) $375 shipped SOLD
Jabba’s Palace Band (Max Rebo band) statue $260 shipped SOLD
Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun statue (unmasked Luke portrait hat visor and antenna have been re-glued in place; tauntaun left foot has a damaged claw) $200 shipped SOLD
Admiral Motti (signed Richard LeParmentier COA) $75 shipped SOLD
Bib Fortuna Jabba diorama accessory statue $95 shipped SOLD
Han Solo on Tauntaun statue $215 shipped SOLD
Blackhole Stormtrooper $250 shipped SOLD
Death trooper deluxe (zombie trooper) $150 shipped SOLD
Imperial (Death Star) Gunner $210 shipped SOLD
Commander Cody holiday snowman/scarf $100 shipped SOLD
Commander Faie PGM $150 shipped SOLD
Star Wars logo bookends (silver B&N exclusive) $70 shipped SOLD
Tusken Raider deluxe $65 shipped SOLD
Darth Vader (first GG Vader bust, Empire Strikes Back) $90 shipped SOLD
Snow bunny Padme holiday $125 shipped SOLD
Yoda AOTC $65 shipped SOLD
Aayla Secura $105 shipped SOLD
Shaak Ti $85 shipped SOLD
Protoype Boba Fett $165 shipped SOLD
GG Boba Fett TESB $100 shipped SOLD
GG Bossk $100 shipped SOLD
GG Zuckuss (chipped tabbard) $30 shipped SOLD
GG IG-88 $55 shipped SOLD
GG Anakin ROTS $80 shipped SOLD
GG Commander Gree (2007 Celebration exclusive) $92 shipped SOLD
GG PGM Vader Thank the Maker $215 shipped SOLD
GG Snowtrooper commander classics $30 shipped SOLD
GG royal guard $60 shipped SOLD
GG Emperor Palpatine (ROTJ version with cane) $120 shipped SOLD
GG 4-LOM damage (little nubbins broke off left hand) $45 shipped SOLD
GG Hoth Han PGM blue coat $96 shipped (never opened this one) SOLD
GG Dengar $55 shipped SOLD
Koto ArtFx 1:7 ROTS Anakin kit $95 shipped SOLD
Koto ArtFx+ Cloud City Vader $75 shipped SOLD
Koto ArtFx+ 1:10 royal guards $110 shipped SOLD
Koto ArtFx+ 1:10 Darth Maul $160 shipped SOLD
Koto ArtFx+ 1:10 AT-AT driver $60 shipped SOLD
Koto ArtFx+ 1:10 ROTJ Boba Fett $85 shipped SOLD
Attakus Elite 1:10 Emperor Palpatine (seated) $135 shipped SOLD
Attakus 1:5 Tusken Raider statue $260 shipped SOLD
MR scaled Commander Gree helmet $100 shipped SOLD
SS "I am Your Father" Vader/Luke 1:9 diorama $385 shipped SOLD
Sideshow 2013 TESB/ROTJ 1:6 Darth Vader figure (exclusive severed wrist) $240 shipped SOLD
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Great price on that AOTC Yoda ! Probably the best likeness GG has ever done !

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Also added:

Obi-Wan in Clone Armor
chrome C-3PO (TC-14 if you like)
Force Unleashed Vader
Imperial (Death Star) Gunner
TESB Vader (the first GG Vader bust)
Admiral Motti
Thanks everyone for the interest in the sale items. I've decided to refocus the collection and narrow it down rather than liquidate, so I removed a bunch of the items that were listed. I'll respond to PMs accordingly.
I had marked the Jabba's palace band (Max Rebo band) statue as sold, but it officially fell through. Now available again.
Bumping this listing. Dooku is still available, and I added the two cantina band mini busts.