FS GG Bounty Hunter Mini Busts, Roron Corobb Maquette

Jun 1, 2004
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Albuquerque, NM
Looking to sell the following mini busts & maquette. All of the pieces are in great condition, and come complete with boxes and COA. Most of the boxes have shelf wear, I've tried to include any major box damage in the pictures. Prices do not include shipping, shipping will be calculated based on your location so that you pay what I pay. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions or are interested, thanks!

Boba Fett #1813/7500 $250 - SOLD
Boba Fett 1.jpeg Boba Fett 2.jpeg

Dengar #2977/4000 $60 - SOLD
Dengar 1.jpeg Dengar 2.jpeg

Bossk #4310/5000 $70 - SOLD
Bossk 1.jpeg Bossk 2.jpeg Bossk 3.jpeg

IG-88 #402/5000 $70 - SOLD
IG-88 1.jpeg IG-88 2.jpeg

Zuckuss #2225/5000 $60 - SOLD
Zuckuss 1.jpeg Zuckuss 2.jpeg

4-LOM #785/2000 $190 - SOLD
4-LOM 1.jpeg 4-LOM 2.jpeg

Jango Fett #6130/9000 $80 - SOLD
Jango Fett 1.jpeg Jango Fett 2.jpeg Jango Fett 3.jpeg Jango Fett 4.jpeg

Aurra Sing #1199/1800 $190 - SOLD
Aurra Sing 1.jpeg Aurra Sing 2.jpeg Aurra Sing 3.jpeg

Greedo #411/7500 $50
Greedo 1.jpeg Greedo 2.jpeg Greedo 3.jpeg Greedo 4.jpeg

Roron Corobb #1053/2500 $80 - SOLD
Roron Corobb 1.jpeg Roron Corobb 2.jpeg
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