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Jun 30, 2001
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Please see all the photos under their respective sections below

-Shipping in not included.
-Contact me about international shipping questions
- Feel free to make offers
on items but some prices are firm
-I'm a picky grader on the MOC stuff so it's probably in better shape than i graded
-all MOC figures come with Star Case

Feel free to contact me with any questions. If there is any item that doesn't have a photo, please let me know and I can send you a pic.

Orders & Shipping:
Domestic orders- I only accept gift paypal payments or money orders.

***International Shipping- Whatever the shipping quote and unless you live in Canada, it's an extra $13.50 for tracking if the package is under 4 lbs. It will be much less for Canadian buyers. If it's over 4 lbs, the tracking will be within the shipping quote.

You have a choice to pay gift payment or a regular paypal payment but add 3% for anything over $10 if you do the regular payment option.

If you don't want to pay for extra tracking and get the basic 1st class shipping quote, I ONLY accept paypal gift payments but if the package gets lost, it's on you and there will not be a refund.

so in summary...

Paypal gift payment- no extra tracking charge needed unless you really want it. Gift payments only or money order
Paypal regular payment- will need to pay for tracking and 3% unless a deal is made that includes shipping and tracking

*****There is some stuff i am still looking for to trade for like parts and cardbacks.****

Items I'm looking for.............

-any foreign to US Snaggletooth cardback
-POTF ATAT Driver cardback
-ATAT Commander offerless ESB 48A bk cardback
-MICRO figures- Chewie Death Star, Chewie Wampa, some Stormtroopers from Death Star Set, Luke Falcon set
-luke jedi no accessories, face must be good paint job

thanks for looking


MISC Items

SW Album Music From Star Wars- $2
SW Cola Cola Cup- Darth Vader/Tarkin -$6
SW Coca Cola Cup- Boba Fett/Vader -$10
SW Coca Cola Cup- C3PO/R2D2 -$6
Star Wars Kenner Sales Ad Comic Book Insert Version # 1 -$8
Star Wars Kenner Sales Ad Comic Book Insert Version # 2 -$8
SW Marvel Special Edition Star Wars Jumbo Comic # 2 -$5
SW LP Story of Star Wars $10
Star Tots Blue Snaggletooth $20

ESB Official Magazine -$2
ESB Curtain/Drapes Set (2 piece) $25

Dixie Cups $2 each

****I put the scene or description that is on each cup

ESB based line of cups

Wampa Attack/Luke Tauntaun
Wampa Cave/Luke cutting off arm
C-3PO Profile
Dagobah/Dark Side Cave
Falcon/Star Destroyer/Space
Obi-Wan Profile
R2-D2 Profile
Bounty Hunter Conference
Wampa Profile
Space Slug
Tie Fighter
Darth Vader/Stromtroopers
Star Destroyer
Han Punches Lando
Luke Arrives in Bespin
Luke/Vader Duel in Carbon Freeze Chamber

ESB Saga Series- SW Based Cups

Tusken Raider/Landspeeder
Obi-Wan Profile
Sand Troopers/Mos Eisley/Stopping Luke and Ben
Ben's Hut/Leia Message
Stormtroopers Profile
Luke Training/Remote Ball
Tie Fighter
Grand Moff Tarkin
Tusken Raiders
Walrus Man/Jawa/Duros/Gotal
Vader/Ben Duel
Trash Compactor

ESB Saga Series- ESB Cups

Lando/Cloud City
Yoda Profile
Chewbacca Profile
AT-AT Walker
Vader vs Luke
Slave 1
Luke X-Wing Pilot/Snowspeeder
Star Destroyer
Han/Leia Romance/ C-3PO
Han Torture/Chewbacca with C-3PO Head
Yoda/Luke backpack

ROTJ Series

Ackbar/Mon Calamari
Gamorrean Guard/Hermie Odle/Salacious Crumb
Sail Barge
Gargan/Squid Head/Gamorreans
Luke vs Rancor
R2 and C3po at Jabba's Palace Door
Skiff and Sarlaac Pit
Han/Luke brought before Jabba with Lando Skiff
Boushh/Chewie and Jabba/Bib Fortuna
Tie Interceptor
Rebo Band

ROTJ Offical Magazine- $3
ROTJ School Folder Rebo Band $5
ROTJ School Folder Luke/Vader Duel $5
ROTJ School Folder Speeder Bike $5
ROTJ Yoda Bookmark $10
Bantha Tracks #12, 13,20,21,22 $4EACH

West End Games Adventure Set Jabba's Palace $25
West End Games Adventure Set Mos Eisley Cantina $30

Vehicles and Beasts, Parts

Mini Rig PDT-8 $5
Endor Forest Ranger $12
At-At Side Guns Set $30
Chewie Bandolier Compartment to hold weapons $2

12inch figures

Stormtrooper $30
Vader $25 (arms hanging by loose rubber band)
Jawa $40
Jawa empty box with insert SOLD
Leia $15
R2D2 $75
Yellow Stormtrooper $25
Ben Obi Wan $50
Party Han $10
Luke with Saber $50
Luke $30
Chewbacca (missing only 1 cartridge) $70
Boba Fett $45
Boba Fett broken leg SOLD
Boba rocket pack $10
Chewbacca Bandolier (empty slots) $15

Diecast and Micro

Diecast Star Destroyer (no tantive iv piece) $15
Diecast Millennium Falcon $20
Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber $40
Bespin Control Room (no Glass) $20
Bespin Gantry $25
Sealed in Bag Millennium Falcon C-3PO $15
Sealed in Bag Millennium Falcon Lando $12
Sealed in Bag Hoth Luke Tauntaun $10
Bespin Gantry bottom circle piece (that Luke stands on) $5


65bk ROTJ Vader/Guards Cover $5
SW Carry Case Sticker sheet (half used, some stickers peeling or fell off) $2


ESB (no pop)

Yoda 32bk $3
AT-AT Commander 48a offerless $2



P- Punched
UNP- Unpunched
YB- Yellow Bubble
SYB- Slightly Yellow Bubble
ND- No Dents in Bubble
F- Flat Card
A- Attached Bubble
CB- Clear Bubble

Spider crease/veining- a crease that can mostly be only seen in a glare
Pinch- looks like someone pinched the area
Base of bubble- any area of the bubble closest to the lip area (area that gets attached to the cardback)
Dull sticker residue- When a price sticker is removed cleanly, there is sometimes a dullness to the area on the cardback that is less shiny than the rest of the cardback


-Snaggletooth 20bk Palitoy UK
P, A, F, CB, Bubble was opened and resealed by your's truly. It did a nice job and it displays nice. The bubble was only opened enough to slip the figure out. Just the edge side, across the top, and slightly under. The top was a very smooth tear and hardly noticeable. If you look closely on the edge, you can see the yellow background tears which I also fixed. Figure is still minty, gun wasn't moved from tape. Some denting across top of bubble. The rest of the card is very nice, no creasing or veining.



-Snaggletooth 41bk Survival Kit Offer
UNP, F, A, ND, CB, POP was cut from corner nicely but through card leaving the bubble area opened. Gun can fall out. nice card otherwise, slight veins near UNP tab



-Star Wars Vault Sealed $30

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Oct 29, 2014
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Hi. You have some nice stuff! You mention (and show) the Topps cards....I have a stack of these and would love to trade at some point. I'm also considering that amazing SW case insert and some backer cards.

What is an "Engineering Pilot Snaggletooth" and why are they $1000+ each??