FS/FT FS/FT: GG Busts and Jumbos

Jun 5, 2005
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Hello Ya'll!

I'm moving into a more Fett direction for my collection and I'm looking to sell some items and buy some as well! Prices don't include shipping. PM with any questions or offers!

Let's start off with the items for sale! Jumbo figures have never been opened.

1) Darth Vader Jumbo Kenner figure: A New Hope version. $100 - PENDING
2) Darth Vader Jumbo Kenner Figure: Empire Strikes Back version. $80- SOLD
3) Stormtrooper Jumbo Kenner Figure: SDCC exclusive limited to 1,500 $100 - SOLD
4) Stormtrooper mini-bust. Box has wear and tear and the bust has some mild yellowing which is common but bust and all pieces are unbroken. $65
5) Darth Vader ROTS mini bust: $50 - SOLD
6) Kylo Ren TFA mini bust: $50 SOLD
7) Black Series Mandalorian Helmet $130 shipped - PENDING

Looking for/trading for:
1) San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Jumbo Kenner Figure Boba Fett droids figure.
2) Rocket-Firing Jumbo Kenner Figure Boba Fett figure.
3) Star Wars Holiday Special Boba Fett Mini Bust

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